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Product introduction:


ASA color co extruded material has been widely used in ASA synthetic resin tile industry, with its excellent weatherability, excellent decorative and prolonged exposure to UV, moisture, hot and cold harsh environments can still maintain the stability of the color and physical properties. Has been successfully applied to the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and other key projects, for various local changes in the city, energy-saving emission reduction has made an important contribution.


Product features:

  1. ASA color coextrusion material has more color choices, bright, long lasting color, no obvious color difference;
  2. surface coverage uniformity and stable process make per ton ASA color coextrusion material to product more than 7000 square meters; the use of replacement in the selection of pure PVC tile project, 10000 square meters of production to be realized, so as to solve the pure PVC tile use of discoloration, powder, crisp cracking risk, and effectively control the cost;
  3. the product surface scratch, can provide all kinds of high light, matte, metallic effects selection.

Product parameters:



Note: the above data is from the experimental values, for reference only, not as a formal guarantee commitment data.

Characteristics of ASA

  • ASA (acrylonitrile - styrene - acrylic acid) is a kind of three - yuan polymer, which is made of styrene acrylonitrile resin and acrylic acid. Has excellent weather resistance, so it is the first choice for outdoor building materials.
  • in 1992, ASA successfully applied for the patent of the world as an advanced technological invention.
  • put on the market in 1996.
  • ASA has the advantages of lasting color, stable performance, saving cost and so on, so that the market demand of ASA is increasing day by day.




HongJinYin ASA Grade



Typical application


ASA 911002 PVC and ASA composite extrusion products


ASA market current situation


At present, the automobile market is mainly BASF products, widely used in the public, general motors. The second is GE ASA, mainly used in building materials industry, ASA/PVC is the main push GE color coextrusion direction, especially its weather resistance.

The development of ASA products company rarely, and due to the quality and price advantage and competitiveness is not strong, the ASA products of Shanghai hongjinyin industry on the basis of foreign advanced technology do a lot of improvement, integration of technology, material and colorant key technology, the introduction of new acrylic resin system which reflects the very excellent weather resistance and heat resistance, thereby increasing the competitiveness.


Customer application ASA

Shanghai HongJinYin Industry Co., Ltd. ASA products are mainly heat resistance, extrusion grade and high mobility. At present, there are ASA 911002, mainly used in corrugated board and doors and windows profiles, and PVC composite extrusion process. Shanghai ChengHong technology, Anhui Honglu, Shandong Fangxing, Laizhou node force, Foshan red wave, Foshan Xing Fa, Hengxing building material and PetroChina has formally batch production, Zhejiang Zhongcai, Huazhijie etc. have tests done. Anhui Guofeng, Hengtong innovation, Tianjin access is still in the test, the second is heat-resistant ASA 911H01, mainly used in car license plate, car tail lamp, rearview mirror, spoiler, rear spoiler and, Huazhong photoelectric Xiaogan lights, Liuzhou Fangxin etc. are used this brand.


Development of building materials market

Now there are 6 main production methods of color PVC profiles in the country.

  1. color PVC and color PVC (color coextrusion difficult, high cost, poor weather resistance)
  2. PVC total coloring (coloring problems, high cost, poor weather resistance)
  3. PVC profiles of surface coating ( technical difficulty too hard)
  4. PVC and ABS composite extrusion (poor weather resistance)
  5. PVC and PMMA composite extrusion
  6. PVC and ASA composite extrusion

After the two process has excellent processing performance, mechanical properties and aging resistance, most of the domestic and foreign customers are widely used.

PVC as a coating layer of the disadvantages

  1. poor Tolerance light and weather resistance is PVC as the outdoor coated using the most fatal flaw;
  2. surface hardness is low, the use of the process is easy to scratch
  3. the dyeing ability of colorant in the PVC is low, the high cost of dyeing
  4. normal process is not easy to produce high light products
  5. The molecular chains of PVC materials are loose, and the binding force of small molecules is not enough, and the small molecules are easy to precipitate from his surface
  6. low temperature resistance, easy degradation, processing temperature range is narrow
  7. the HCL gas produced by the degradation of the surrounding environment and equipment can be easily corrosive
  8. with the extension PVC coextrusion rate is not high, not easy to produce thin coating products
  9. on the design requirements of high, easy to flow in the flow of material degradation, resulting in scratches and yellow line
  10. single screw to add raw material, the plastic has bad plasticizing, need to use the same double screw, equipment to increase

Defects of fluorocarbon coatings as coating layer

The fluorocarbon coatings for general PVDF (poly partial vinylidene fluoride) as matrix resin, mixed with high performance pigments, in the form of spray and the traditional coating process on the surface of the PVC or metal coating. The main performance depends on the quality of PVDF and pigment, in the weather resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.

  1. the adhesion of the coating layer is determined by the PVC or metal surface treatment (increasing the process and hidden trouble)
  2. PVDF's cover performance is insufficient, can not effectively block ultraviolet light, protect the bottom of the PVC
  3. the impact strength is low, and the effect of the coating layer is the overall appearance, the process requirements are high.
  4. can not be used, to promote the concept of green environmental protection
  5. the construction process is complex, the cost is high

ABS as a coating layer of the shortage

ABS containing butadiene double bonds, bond energy is low, in the short wavelength UV light irradiation, can quickly lead to bond rupture surface of the powder, discoloration, cracking phenomenon, although now auxiliary market developing, traditional ABS in the change in the process of adding some against a strong UV shielding agent, such as ultraviolet light absorbers and anti UV agent, it can not effectively or greatly improve ABS light weathering of. Figure ABS the late aging color change and surface gloss loss.


ASA and PVC composite extrusion

The advantages of ASA

  • very good weather resistance
  • a large range of processing
  • low density, low surface energy
  • PVC = 1.39, ASA = 1.07
  • excellent thermal stability

The similarities with PVC

  • thermal expansion coefficient
  • Dissolution parameter
  • viscosity
  • shrinkage

Contrast PVC with ASA

Thermal stability



weather ability




Linear thermal expansion


Contrast PMMA with ASA

The advantages of ASA

  • stronger toughness
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • Low density PMMA = 1.19, ASA = 1.07
  • wider spectrum (matte ~ glossy)
  • thermal stability is better
  • with PVC's sticky efforts
  • stronger
  • easier to design the extinction product

Typical characteristics


Impact strength


Adhesive strength


Chemical resistance


PVC/ASA composite extrusion process

  1. ASA 911002 extrusion screw temperature setting (composite thickness 0.2mm):100/160/180/200/220/230/230/230/220 (need to be adjusted according to the screw condition)
  2. ASA material selection: the fusion means is about 15 (220 degrees *10KG), the elongation is 50%
  3. host screw speed is not too fast, according to the extrusion speed, control the material screw to stay for 5 minutes
  4. equipment requirements: single screw extrusion is co extruded composite main equipment. Due to the complexity and diversity of the section and coextrusion surface may appear in the four directions of up, down, left and right, and co extrusion machine in all directions can be flexibly adjusted. Feed section must be equipped with water cooling device
  5. for different raw materials should choose different screw: for PMMA, because from the temperature rise to the melting point, there is no obvious softening temperature range, so should be equipped with isometric mutation screw; for ASA, because from the glass temperature to the temperature of the temperature range is larger, generally used to select the PE, should choose the separation structure screw.

Adverse measures in extrusion molding

  1. profiles coextrusion surface does not shine, even scratch forming die design is not reasonable, by modifying the mold or polishing / coated screw temperature is set too low, should be adjusted as appropriate
  2. CO extruded profile surface depression type vacuum through the bottom, increasing vacuum degree / temperature is set too high, resulting in low molecular materials in surface cracking
  3. sectional size of the material is not qualified to shape the mold structure is unreasonable or the shape of the vacuum degree is too low / film material flow is too high, resulting in pressure fluctuations
  4. extrusion machine feeding less feed inlet temperature is too high, increase the flow of cooling water.
  5. CO extrusion machine high torque of the material inlet temperature is too low, reducing the flow of cooling water.
  6. CO extruded layer bonding bad mouth mold structure is not reasonable, can increase the confluence of distance or increasing the compression ratio / polymer coated material temperature is set too low
  7. layer co extrusion wall thickness base material and coextrusion material melting viscosity is too big difference, adjust the coextrusion machine temperature and make the melt viscosity close to two.

HongJinYin industry ASA introduction


Our ASA production process is different from other companies, for one step production. Is used asa primary rubber powder and acrylonitrile, styrene polymer blends, according to customer demand add all kinds of additives, colorants and functional additive a processing.

HongJinYin ASA= primary acrylate rubber and acrylonitrile, styrene pre poly + (acrylic rubber) Acrylonitrile-Styrene additive + agent + high-performance colorant

The process for production of ASA performance has a higher light resistance, weather resistance, impact strength, extension rate and less volatile low molecular chain copies. Performance is better than the other due to the two processing caused by strand breaks, degradation products.


In addition, our company can according to customer specific production process needs and use need to adjust the rubber particle size, content, acrylonitrile content and molecular weight to meet the surface gloss and hardness requirements, for customers special requirements of our company have more spacious adjustment.


HongJinYin ASA in the National Building Materials Testing Center for the rapid aging test 6000 hours, the gray card rating is 4 grade.

the Ten characteristics of HongJinYin ASA


Production status: the surface quality of the material is higher than the corrugated board industry. If the shape of the mold is longer, then it is easy to cause the precipitation of the low molecular weight and adhesion of pollutants, the results will affect the surface effect.

HongJinYin measures: to reduce the surface energy of ASA, by changing the content of the three components and adding more efficient functional class auxiliary agent, more than the general ASA is not easy to accumulate dust. 911002 surface resistivity >1.0*E12


Production status: General Factory Co extrusion equipment were not assigned block and the confluence of the core, only by mold runner design is uniformly coated ASA film, plastic materials and process requirements of higher.

HongJinYin measures: to reduce the ASA melting process, the selection of low molecular weight acrylate rubber, so that it can be used in the weak shear environment under the completion of the.
911002 minimum temperature of 170 degrees


Production status:auxiliary feed from the mold over a short distance, ASA evenly coated in a relatively short period of time.

HongJinYin measures:to improve the ASA mobility, and to ensure that there is enough material to extend the rate of matching, in the same time, the coating is uniform and no melt fracture phenomenon.
911002 >35%, the elongation of >15g/10min


Production status: the mold cavity is deep, need to consider polishing is not enough case, the material is easy to product, the material in the die on the ASA surface caused by scratching.

HongJinYin measures:by changing the size of the acrylic rubber and acrylic acid content, improve the surface hardness of ASA
911002 ASTM >110R (D785)


Production status: PVC filler content of doors and windows are not high, the temperature is not high, easy degradation.

HongJinYin measures: to reduce the initial melting temperature of ASA, and improve the heat resistance, to ensure a long time to stay in a small degree of degradation.
911002 melting temperature <180240 degrees for 5 minutes without obvious degradation


Production status: the vacuum process of PVC, and the PVC is not enough, the system is easy to migrate at high temperature, and it is attached to the surface of the product.

HongJinYin measures:the use of high temperature, low melting point lubrication system, to achieve effective lubrication at the same time, the amount of control.
911002 the lubricating system is used for the combination of long chain carboxylic acid salt and alcohol ester.


Production status: almost all the doors and windows profiles by several surface composition, the surface temperature are inconsistent and ASA in various surface temperature deviation of liquidity inconsistent, resulting in the uneven thickness.

HongJinYin measures:improve the ASA melt strength, improve the heat resistance, in the traditional process conditions of 190--210 degrees, the fusion means no obvious change.
911002 the deviation within the range of 5%


Production status: the traditional production of high - light products is the use of nylon wire round of high-speed polishing. General ASA hardness of the market is low, no high light effect, or high hardness, surface defects are not easy to eliminate.

HongJinYin measures: through the reasonable adjustment of the ratio of three components ASA surface hardness and gloss, mold or mold caused by strain, scratches can easily throw.
911002G for ultra high gloss products


Production status:the market is generally ASA products only consider weather problems, excessive use of inorganic pigment, the follow-up product and process to play a role in the process, or to pursue high flow, use of low molecular weight organic pigment, resulting in PVC system migration.

HongJinYin measures: our adjustment method of liquidity does not need to rely on a colorant and a lubricating system, as long as the adjustment of each component content and particle size can be easily obtained, so our choice of colorant in use high weather resistant polymer heterocyclic organic pigments, ensure weatherability, and at the same time, to improve the follow-up process.


Production status: profile background color is generally white, on the market generally ASA due to cost considerations, coating cover rate generally is not high, the threadbare phenomenon is common.

HongJinYin measures: add a high cover of low color force assisted pigment, the quality of the product is greatly improved.

Development of building materials market

How to produce a rich, anti-aging performance of the PVC profile has become a new focus. Has become the key competitiveness of building materials industry.

HongjinYin ASA with its excellent decorative, excellent mobility, ultra wide processing range, super weather resistance in the domestic and international markets widely used, according to the national development of conservation oriented building materials, continuous improvement of material properties, optimization process, formulation, is committed to China's building materials industry to enhance the contribution of color to improve the solution.

Hongjinyin ASA rapid aging in the National Chemical Building Materials Test Center test for 6000 hours, the gray card rating for 4 E:2.97


HongJinYin Test method:



the products of factory testing:



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